Mid-efficiency, single stage air conditioner that provides up to 18.6 SEER efficiency.

The 17.2 SEER2 rating makes this air conditioner energy-efficient while providing home comfort.

Mid-efficiency, two-stage air conditioner that provides affordable, efficient cooling up to 18 SEER.

Standard-efficiency, single-Stage Air Conditioner provides durability and up to 17 SEER efficiency.

The XV20i offers up to 18 SEER2 and 8.5 HSPF2 ratings make this unit a great choice for saving energy and lowering your monthly energy use.

Variable-capacity heat pump, providing up to 20 SEER efficiency and true variable capacity.

Digitally-enabled, variable-capacity heat pump producing up to 20 SEER efficiency.

With an AFUE rating of 80%, the S8X1 can help reduce monthly energy bills while supplying you with the heat you need at the coldest times of the year.

Variable-speed gas furnace that heats the home evenly with fficiency rating of up to 96% AFUE.

Single-stage, 96% fuel-efficient gas furnace with Power Saver™ constant-torque motor design.