About Our Company

HPH Services was founded in 2009 by current owner Howard Gurn. He started working in the HVAC industry in 1993, giving him over 31 years of heating and cooling experience.

Founder and owner of HPH Services, Howard Gurn

We have two goals as a company… to educate our customers about their HVAC options and to help them make the right decision concerning their home’s air conditioning and heating system.

Whether we recommend a repair or a replacement, you can rest assured that our motivation is to make you a happy customer… not pad the bill.

Our vast knowledge and experience in the heating and cooling business make it possible for us to handle your HVAC problems better, cleaner, and faster than anyone else.

We look forward to working with you soon. Please call us at (817) 412-1244 to speak with a professional technician about the ways HPH Services can help your home.